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Production tests have already been very successful with wheat straw, rice straw, palm waste and bagasse, while considerable further testing has been carried out using water hyacinth, tomato vine and other fibrous materials. testing board uses types of material board plant objectives concept front

When referring to the various materials it is assumed that the product is in a suitable form easily fed into the shredder units, is fairly free from dust and debris and has moisture content of between 10% and 16% (If necessary, a dryer can be incorporated into the process).

When considering an Ecopanel System, the normal procedure is to firstly, examine samples of the intended material to assess its suitability, and determine whether any adaptation to the process is necessary in order to produce the best results.

Detailed laboratory trials to accurate and internationally recognised standards and relevant test certification; are carried out on the raw material as required by the customer and/or product.

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Cereal Straw Sugar Cane Bagasse
Cane/Bamboo/Elephant Grass Rape Seed
Flax Waste Palm
Water Hyacinth Peanut Kernels
Rice Straw Wood Waste

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