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A series of laboratory tests were conducted on a wide range of Ecopanel board samples to compare the product with particles boards in terms of practical usability.

  • The board samples tested were of wheat straw, 16mm thick in a range of densities from550kg/m3 to 650kg/m3.

  • Materials of greater natural density than wheat e.g. rice straw, bagasse, will give corresponding better performance.

  • Strength test were carried out to British Standards 5669 pat 1 the standard for particleboard.

  • Thermal conductivity test using water calorimeter type apparatus were carried out to British Standard 874.

  • Sprayed of flame test were carried out by the Lafarge Plasterboard Drywell test centre to British Standard 476 part 7.

  • All other test were carried by the Faverdale Technology Centre Ltd.

  • The Furniture Industry Research Association conducted performance test for screw holding and glue.

  • All samples were conditioned at 65% relative at 20c.

  • Contact us for more test data.

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